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With the Purdue Reamer Club’s dedicationn to the great traditions of Purdue University, it is critical that the club has firm financial support.  If you are interested in making a donation to the Reamer Club, you can do so though Purdue’s Donation site.  The site offers both online donation payment options, as well as forms that you can print off and mail in.  To be sure that you specify that the donation is for the Purdue Reamer Club when donating online, choose the “Other Specify in Comments” option on the Designation Area drop-down menu, and type “ReamerClub#1279” in the Other Instructions comment box.

We would like to thank all of our alumni for their continued support to the Purdue Reamer Club!

Is your address up to date with the Purdue Alumni Association?  We will use the address on file with the Purdue Alumni Association (PAA) to mail you your copy of The Reamed each semester.  You can join the Reamer Alumni E-Mail List (instructions below) and be notified when a new issue of The Reamed is available on our website.  Please note that this email list is not populated by the PAA, and is and op-in type of list (more below).

Do you have your very own lifetime forwarding e-mail address yet?  Make sure you head over to the Purdue Alumni Association and sign up for your e-mail address.  The address will stay the same no matter how many times you change e-mail hosts or Internet Service Providers.

Did you know that you can be e-mailed as soon as The Reamed is available from the Purdue Reamer Club website?
It’s easy – just join the Reamer Alumni Email List!

The Alumni Email List will be used to alert you that The Reamed is available for viewing online, as well as information about cook-outs, tailgates, and other Reamer alumni events.

In order to join the list, simply send an e-mail to

You can leave the list at any time by sending an e-mail to: 

Note:  In order to protect your privacy, you will need to confirm your subscription to the mailing list by clicking and activation link

Click here to access the archive of The Reamed.  It contains all available volumes of previous copies of The Reamed in PDF form.