A little bit about the club…

The Reamer Club is dedicated to observing the traditions of Purdue. Club members learn the traditions and songs of the university during the pledge process. The club supports sports teams by sponsoring scholarships and cheering loudly at athletic events. Both the Boilermaker Special, the official mascot of Purdue, and the Xtra Special are cared for and maintained by the club. Club members drive the trains to athletic events including away football and home basketball and volleyball games. Outside the university, the club contributes to the local community through philanthropic events including highway clean up. As a whole, the Reamer Club is a group of highly dedicated and spirited students devoted to Purdue University.

Connect with us!

We, the members of the Purdue Reamer Club,
do hereby dedicate ourselves
to foster the observance of school traditions,
to support major and Olympic sports,
to aid in the development of proper school spirit,
and to otherwise conduct the activities of the Club
in the best interest of Purdue University.